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Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~THE LEGACY (2014)

Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~THE LEGACY (2014)

Original title : オメルタ~沈黙の掟~THE LEGACY
Developer Karin Chatnoir Ω
Publishers Karin Chatnoir Ω

this game is going to be released this year on PSP

wanted to share this picture ^_^

How To Be Prepared When Getting a Pet

Pets are living creatures, even if they are animals there are things we need to consider before getting one , (like when you plan to have a baby . right?)

This thread is like a guide for people who think about having a four or two legged friend A.K.A "pets"

when i say guide i don't mean how to get a pet .
what i mean is the things you should consider before having any pet

I know some points I am going to mention are “common sense” put I have to say them because sometimes we realize things when they get mentioned by others

P.S : 1-I don’t use the pronoun it for animals because I believe that it should not be used on living creatures beside plants.
2- For those who say “they are just animals “ . please , I beg you , don’t get any living thing to live with you.
3- I don’t mean to glorify animals, I just say things so you avoid troubles and unwanted surprises.

Ahem, yes those cuties are my babies

will lets start

First :

if you live with your family, make sure they are okay with having a pet home, cause if you get one behind their back and they find out you might lose the poor thing and it would be sad for him to go to a shelter or worse on the street.. -If you live alone ,make sure you live in a place where they allow pets .for the same reason as before

Ask yourself, am I ready to have a pet ? imagine that you really got yourself a cat , dog , bird, fish ,hamster …etc , are you ready to make a schedule for feeding ,cleaning and playing with, yes feeding and playing are not the only thing to do, they are living creatures so excreting A.K.A pooping is something you have to deal with it >>> is not that bad when it’s your own pet plus you can always use gloves


you have to think about what kind of pet you really want and can have, also can afford, make sure you are not allergic to some animals because it would be a problem if you want a cat but you are allergic (although ,to be honest , my brother was allergic to cats , for 3 days he had problem breathing but later he adapted) so check your doctor because some people take some medicines to avoid this problem.
-Lets say You want a dog but you don’t have a yard .are you ready to walk the dog every day ?
-are you financially capable to not only get the pet but also buying food ,shampoo and vet visits
-If you already have a pet at home and you want to add another. PLEASE, make sure to check online if they would match. Because if you have a cat and you plan to have a hamster, that is going to be a problem
-if you have a cat and you want to have a fish ,make sure to buy a closed aquarium…

look for good shelters in case you had to travel or sick , ask people around you for a good one or look online in forums, so you know your buddy is in good had when you have an emergency -Also look for a good vet , again ask around or go online


Now that you chose a pet , go online and look what type of (cat,dog,bird,fish..etc you want).. (look at the pictures, read all the information about their habits and advises)
- look at the picture when they are baby and when they grow because sometimes a small tiny puppy turns to a BIG doggy in 3 months
-If you look for birds .. make sure to check the sound they make >>> some can get pretty loud
-If you want to have an aquarium with lots of fish . look online or ask in the shop because some types of fishes eat other kinds .
-You want a certain type of cat with short hair or long hair , look online and ask the shop >>> some kittens have short hair but as they grow up their hair grows Looooong too ,so be carful
-Hamsters are no exceptions. Look for their habits some hamsters can’t live together in the same cage >>> ( make sure you don’t have a cat at home because hamsters and mice are the same for cats >>>if you know what I mean)

Sixth :
find a good shelter or pet shop to get a pet (I know nothing about purchasing a pet online .sorry)
You need to ask around or go online for information about good ones.

Now you are in the shelter, shop .

ask the person in charge for A medical report
.. (I personally got my cats and dogs with no medical report, the pet shop is a very well known for having healthy animals)

If there is no medical report you can immediately go to the vet after having your pet… you can vaccine your pet if he did not get one

You can look at the animal if he is healthy by the eyes, the way he walks or the way he swim ..

Enjoy the great company , pets really give great taste to life

That’s all for this thread , I will make another thread to talk about my personal experience with VERY important advices for you and your pets.
So far , I had (Budgerigar,fishes,hamsters, cats and a dog) …so I hope that was helpful


You can download the game here \\ ^_^ //

How to Translate a Japanese game to English ,go here \\ ^_^ //

A very long game = (great plots) full of drama sadness sweetness cuteness and hardcore. Sweet ost and hot pictures.

Note: to be able to finish this game completely you have to replay the routs.

-Each character in the game plays the seme and the uke role.

-There is and (off) (on) choice at the beginning when you open the game, if you want to avoid the hard pic then switch off.

- The bad choices will be in red.

-The choices that you are free to choose will be in yellow (you have to replay again and choose the other later)

- Some routs were a little confusing so i separated them .
Collapse )

Collapse )

Sweet pool .. walkthrough - there are No spoiler ^^

TO download the game go to ---> YO

I managed to finish this lovely game .  let  i will share with you the game walkthrough without spoiler ^^
The game have totally 6 endings .

To make your choice .. you either choose to trust your Instinct (the one in Red) or use your mind to think the Reason (the one in Blue)

you get all the pictures of the game with the ost and some scenes after you finish every path (go to EXTRA for that)


Collapse )


Have fun ^_^

(Manga) Omerta - Kochou no Yume no Kate

omerta manga

The city of Tokyo is split between two mafia groups: The Dragon Head and The King Caesar organization. Due to a certain incident, the protagonist JJ, a well-known professional assassin, is framed and thus abandons his title, going into hiding — but more problems come his way.

it’s based on the BL Game  Omerta-chinmoku no okite-

  • Author: Natsumi Kanna
    Artist: Tateishi Ryou

    Groups Scanlating: Cocobees

    to download it go to ----->  Cocobees 
    to read online go to ------> mangafox

    the manga is Completely Scanlated

    Have fun ^_^

Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite ~ pictures 2